Climate Resilience
Planning & Support

Fernleaf delivers resilience decision support solutions. We use data to empower communities and companies to make the right investments for effective resilience and adaptation.

Understand Risk, Build Resilience

At Fernleaf, we provide climate resilience planning and support to governments that want to understand risk and build resilience. We work with leaders who want to future-proof their communities against climate threats while considering and improving social equity at every step. We do this by evaluating climate threats to people and infrastructure and assisting in the development of strategic community resilience plans. We bring a values-based perspective that underscores everything we do. We base the actionable and prioritized plans we provide on quantifiable data and the highest standards of excellence.

Vulnerability Assessments
& Resilience Planning

Fernleaf enables communities, industries, and partners to chart their own future in response to changing conditions by providing accessible, data-informed, and equity-embedded insights. We hold ourselves to high standards by relying on data and information from trusted sources. Quality and innovation drive us to play a leading role in accelerating climate change resilience by setting industry standards and best practices in vulnerability assessments and resilience planning. We aim for continual improvement of our products and services to ultimately improve the capabilities of decision makers.


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We believe in what we do. We are passionate about preparing communities to face future climate challenges in ways that incorporate social responsibility and make the most of limited resources. We partner with industry leaders and experts in the field who are primarily motivated by making a difference. The pursuit of excellence, the tenet of transparency, and the art of building resilient communities is at the heart of everything we do, from running data analysis and creating strategic community climate change resilience plans to conducting software training and hosting workshops.

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Data Enabled

We base our strategic climate risk management plans on quantitative data. We gather information from local stakeholders about their communities and the challenges they face. We capture local experience in a way that makes it measurable and informative for future decision making. Using this local data combined with climate threat data from trusted sources, we deliver an assessment with valuable insights and actionable results. Our software product, AccelAdapt, along with our team of experts combine big data with local experience. This results in strategic climate resilience plans that help to localize regional, national, and global climate change.

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Standards Focused

We tirelessly advocate for national standards for resilience practice. As an industry, there is room for dialogue and an improved understanding of the terms used. Terms like threat, risk, vulnerability, equality, and resilience can be confusing. We work with other industry leaders to clarify these terms and assist decision makers in understanding their importance. Our careers are dedicated to transforming theory into practice and helping local governments understand the important role they have in facilitating climate resilience planning across the nation. We play a part in this effort by combining the lessons learned from implementing a consistent analysis process across dozens of communities nationally. Sharing ideas freely and engaging minds and ideas to solve new and emerging climate-related issues is foundational to our industry.

“Fernleaf has been an essential partner and resource throughout our regional resilience assessment process. Their knowledge of the dimensions of resilience is both broad and deep, and they are very skilled at building relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers to help move our effort forward. On the technology side, AccelAdapt has proven to be a useful evaluation and exploration tool, and we have only begun to explore its many possible use cases.”
Mary Roderick
Mary Roderick Land of Sky Regional Council

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